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Heart Scoot Color Run 2024

Committed to a Healthier Community

Angelina County Heart Alliance is an independent public service organization comprised of a diverse membership including medical professionals, business leaders and concerned citizens of Angelina County. The ACHA promotes healthy behaviors, healthy communities and healthy environments through its membership as it partners with other organizations.  The primary focus is to decrease the morbidity & mortality of Cardiovascular Disease to the citizens of Angelina County, Texas.


Angelina County Heart Alliance
Heart Scoot Color Run 2024

ACHA Activities Promote the Health of All People by:

Providing Health Education & Promotion

Supporting AHA/ASA Advocacy Groups

Raising Funds for Medical Equipment & Education

The ACHA is commited to:

  • 501 (c)(3) agency in which all funds received will be utilized for the benefit of the citizens in Angelina County

  • Raising money to fund projects which may include providing AED’s to public places, Cardiovascular education, CPR training etc.

  • Providing public service announcements to increase the awareness of signs & symptoms of heart attack & stroke to ensure early diagnosis & treatment

  • Provide speakers to faith based & civic organizations, schools etc to promote health education regarding Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke.

  • Encourage participation in AHA/ASA advocacy groups & activities.


Connect with Angelina County Heart Alliance

PO BOX 150431 Lufkin, Texas 75915

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Our Mission:

We are dedicated to increase public awareness, education & resources for decreasing the ill effects of Cardiovascular Diseases to the citizens of Angelina County.

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